APC power center, electronics
Grado stylus and cartridges
BDI audio video cabinets and racks
speakers, electronics, receivers, turntables, headphones
Cartridges, stylus
Bluesound network streaming player, speakers, electronics
Dynaudio high performance speakers, wireless speakers
Project turntables and phono amps, electronics
JL Audio subwoofers, speakers
Primaluna tube amplifier


Home Entertainment  System Design- personalized component selection to satisfy your needs and budget.

Component Sales- Televisions, projectors, fixed and motorized screens; tube and solid state pre, power and integrated amplifiers; stereo and surround sound receivers; CD players, turntables, phono cartridges and accessories; music and media servers, DAC's; loudspeakers, subwoofers, headphones; remote controls; audio/video cables, adapters and wire; power centers; component furniture and wall mount brackets; performance accessories and more. 

Brands we sell: APC Power Conditioners, Artison Speakers, BDI, Bluesound, Clarus Cables, Clearaudio, Dynaudio Speakers, ELAC, Grado, Halo, JL Audio, Leon Speakers, Logitech Harmony Remote Controls, Marantz, McIntosh, NAD, Niles Audio, Ortofon, Parasound, PrimaLuna, ProJect, PSB, REL, Salamander Design, Samsung, Sanus, Sonos, Sony, Totem Acoustics, Tributaries Cables and more. 

Installation Services- Component, loudspeaker and television installation, configuration and calibration; acoustics, room correction and sound control; remote control programming.

Service- One year guarantee on installation work.

Clarus high performance audio cables
Salamander Designs audio video cabinets and racks
Sonos network streaming players, speakers, electronics, amplifiers
Artison custom speakers, sound bars
ELAC budget speakers Andrew Jones
Parasound amplification
Leon custom speakers, sound bars

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HALO power amplifiers, electronics
NAD electronics, amplifiers, receivers, DACs
Sony 4K televisions
Totem high performance speakers, subwoofers
Samsung 4K Televisions
McIntosh tube electronics made in the USA, turntables, amplifiers, receivers, speakers
REL subwoofers
PSB budget friendly speakers
Marantz audio video components, electronics, amplifiers, turntables
Tributaries audio video cables